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Àgbọnnìrègún September 2, 2022

Course Description

This course studies the religion and culture of the Yorùbá with attention to the application of ethics to personal development and spiritual wellness. Lecture 0.5 hours per week.

General Course Purpose

To introduce the student to the teachings of the Òrìṣà; their orature, ethical codes and religious experience. Explores religious cultural expression and ways of thinking about religious informed cultural norms. The student will grasp the concept that a Practitioner of Òrìṣà Religion is the actualization of upright ethical behavior.

Course Prerequisites/Corequisites


Course Objectives

  • Student will understand relevant religious terminology, 
  • Explore current events and analyzes Òrìṣà oral literature for ancient solution to contemporary issues & ethical dilemmas.
  • Reinforce spiritual, cultural, and inferred ethical standards.
  • Compare and Contrast Yorùbá Religious Philosophy from other cultures of the world.

Major Topics to be Included

  • 400+1 Òrìṣà
  • Yorùbá Philosophy of Evil
  • Difficult Issue of Human Life
  • Òrìṣà Liturgy
  •  Purpose of Life
  • Nature of Human Being
  • Plant & Animal Kingdom