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Kolapo March 26, 2022

Course Description

A comprehensive introduction to Òrìṣà Spirituality. Learners will survey the unique religious perspective of Yorùbá and other Traditional African themes and experiences.

General Course Purpose

To provide students with general common terms, icons, ritual paraphilia, philosophy, and common category mistakes of Òrìṣà Religion. To examine the Òrìṣà Religion from the Ìṣẹ̀ṣẹ Denomination and differentiate its practice from New World Expressions.

Course Prerequisites/Corequisites


Course Objectives

  1. Comprehend ethical dilemmas
  2. Differentiate world views of Western Religion from African Philosophy
  3. Under Yorùbá Cosmology
  4. Understand the pertinence of Òrìṣà Divination
  5. Learn means of Ancestor Veneration.
  6. Gain a holistic perceive of African Wellness.
  7. Enhanced awareness of Poly Demonic Sense of Evil
  8. Conclusively demonstrate the awareness of the purpose of life

Major Topics to be Included

  1. Àjẹ́
  2. Category Mistake of Monotheism
  3. Fallacy of Destiny
  4. Non-Corporal Body
  5. The Notion of Sacrifice