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IFÁ 101 Examination (G1)

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IFÁ 101 Examination (G1)

Kolapo January 10, 2022

Before you start this examination:

The examination period is from 10:00 am EST on December 20 to 11:30 pm on December 27, 2021. You must complete all three sections of the examination by the deadline. 

Section 1: Identification of Odù Signatures (6%)

Section 1 is a closed-book section. When answering this section, do not consult any books, notes, or online resources. Review your notes on signatures before you click on the link below.

Click here to start Section 1. Once you click “Submit,” you will not be able to revise your answers.

Section 2: Oral Part of Examination (64 %)

Chant one poem from each of the 16 Ojú Odù. Each chant should be in the following format:

  1. Chant the poem
  2. Narrate the story that is associated with that poem. (If the story is not known, state that the story is not known.)
  3. State the essential moral (or morals) of the poem.

Click here to record your chants. Record 16 files. That is one file for each chant/story/moral(s) set. 

Section 3: Written Part of the Examination (30%)

Click here to start Section 3. Once you click “Submit,” you will not be able to revise your answers.

Ire o!