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YSL Final Examination (G4)

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YSL Final Examination (G4)

Ọlátúndùn January 12, 2022

Before you start this examination:


  • The examination period is from 8:00 am EST on December 15 to 11:30 pm on December 22, 2021. You must complete all five sections of the examination by the deadline.
  • This is a closed-book section. Do not consult any books, notes, or online resources when answering this section.
  • Review your notes before you click on each section.

Section 1: Words and Objects (5%)

Section 2: ABD (5%)

Section 3: Translation and Pronunciation of Words and Phrases (20%)

Section 4: Translation and Reading of a Passage (20%)

Section 5: About Yourself (40%)