Òrìṣà Philosophy Master Class Yearly


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Òrìṣà Philosophy Master Class makes it possible for anyone to understand the philosophy and theology of Òrìṣà culture in a non-formal educational format. This Master Class is not an instructional program designed to raise your knowledge to a specified academic level. Instead, the objective is to hone and help you develop the following philosophical skills:

  1. Analytical Thinking Skills

Being an analytical thinker means you can identify the assumptions that are embedded in Òrìṣà Religion and Practice. This skill is vital in establishing the viability of projects and coming up with solutions to remedy them. For example, what are the implications of Ìwàpẹ̀lé for your selection of a Diviner? What are the practical implications of the èèwọ̀ (improperly translated as “taboos”) you received during your initiation? Ifá says your spouse or partner should be your “máyàmí” (your “inseparable”). How do you live a life of “inseparability” with your spouse/partner? Òrìṣà Philosophy will help you develop the ability to tackle problems the Òrìṣà way successfully. You will be able to identify assumptions and formulate alternatives in an Òrìṣà focused manner.

  1. Communication Skills

Òrìṣà Religion’s prime directive is “Good Character is What I Practice.” How do you communicate this prime directive in your speech, and how do you apply then to the practice of living and sociation? With Òrìṣà Philosophy Master Class, you will be better equipped to understand Òrìṣà Religion’s prime directive. Understanding the value of this prime directive will also make you a better orator because you will be better able to outline your spiritual ideas as principles of living.

  1. Critical Thinking skills

Òrìṣà Philosophy breeds in you the skill to think critically. Living an Òrìṣà-inspired life means that you can identify the core issues of problems, you can come up with strategies for solving problems, and you are more adept at significant decision-making. Your personal and professional life will benefit immensely from your ability to earmark and apply Òrìṣà principles.

  1. Conversational skills

Effective conversation is essential to every facet of life: the workplace, personal, and spiritual life. With Òrìṣà Philosophy Master Class, you will be able to use the skill of logical reasoning on Òrìṣà ethics, metaphysics, and epistemology to evaluate the consequences of your actions and inactions and the converse about them clearly and effectively.

  1. Research skills

This Master Class on Òrìṣà Philosophy is an open blessing! You must constantly update your general knowledge via the Internet, magazine, newspapers, academic journals, and broadcast media. Now you have a one-stop shop for updating your knowledge on the fundamentals of Òrìṣà Religion, theology, philosophy, and practice.

  • Òrìṣà Philosophy Master Class is an asynchronous class that allows you to view and learn at your own pace. Class materials will be an admixture of pre-recorded videos, live classes, articles, and other materials you can access anytime. You can study the lessons in any order you like. Whatever your primary interest is in life: business and leadership, dance, photography, cooking, writing, acting, music, medicine, dentistry, carpentry, sports, and more, Òrìṣà Philosophy Master Class delivers a world-class online learning experience.
  • But bear with us. Òrìṣà Philosophy Master Class is an innovation. There is nothing like it anywhere else! We are developing original content. We will drop them in as we produce them.

Òrìṣà Philosophy Master Class is taught by Dr. Kọ́lá Abimbola, Dr. Ifábọ́lá Bernal, Ìyá Mari Brown, Ìyá Yemọjá Kẹ́mi Craddock, Dr. Daryl Harris, Ìyá Òkúnfúnmikẹ́ Ìṣọ̀lá, Bàbá Òòṣákáyọ̀dé Ìṣọ̀lá, Dr. Eric Adéwùyì Mason, and Dr. Ọbásanjọ́ Victor.

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